Friday, March 4, 2011

Good morning world...

Well good morning world, I have to say this morning was an interesting morning to say the least...I woke up with this foul and mysterious oder and could not figure out where it was coming from, so room by room I used the loving scent of Fabreeze with Gain apple mango tango scent and I figured it was coming from my kitchen...WOW...something down my drain smelled like it had I didn't know what to do I put bleach down it nothing would get rid of the smell so I called my loving and beautiful neighbor Kim and asked her to stop by before she went into she did and she was like "WOOOOOOW! what is that smell?"  I was like exactly!  LOL So she asked me if I had any lemon I was like yes but now is not the time for a glass of tea...she said "give me the lemon"  so I did and she put it down my garbage disposal...I had this look on my face like "oh no she didn't" and she looked at me and said "I bet you in 10 minutes this smell will be gone for good" I was like "oh no she didn't"  I love my lemon in my tea I was not happy she just put it all down my disposal lol...Well, lord knows I tried it all so I was like whatever...10 minutes went by that smell was gone she found the miracle cure for all smells, who the hell would have thought it would have been a damn lemon...LOL well thank you Kim and thank you god for those yummy delicious tart things I put in my tea and make the smell go away!  So when in doubt ladies and gents USE Lemons!  THEY WORK!!! 

Like Sookie Sanchez from "The Princess Diaries" says "May your day be sunny side up!" 


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  1. I know a few lesbians that need some lemons...damn I am out the door to the store so be on the look out for a lemon in your box soon!!!...Not you sweet I got much love for my gayber!! O_o