Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who Cut my Cupcake?

To be completely honest I do not know where to start then the beginning... 

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw a good friend of mine for a few years now post this cupcake that looked like it had been

I had shared it on my page and then the lovely and talented Andrea decided to revamp it a bit and we decided to make them our selves so here we go

Its a Red Velvet Cupcake

 Pretty Basic...
Then you add the Icing...

Then you have to make sugar magic and make shards of glass made out of sugar!

then comes the gory part, Andrea made an cornstarch blood to drizzle over it all to make it look like the cupcake was stabbed...
Now I am not a fan of Horror movies in the least how ever these cupcakes final product looked like they have been slashed open by glass shards!

It is amazing how crazy it looks and how awesome they I can not eat a lot of the sugar so I cheated today and had a cupcake with icing left the sugar "glass" on the side but it was a fun day getting to bake it and we didn't use anything pre-made we measured it all out and did it from scratch...Thank you Andrea for a fun filled day of killing cupcakes! I had fun! They were really good too!

Lets see what we can cook up next!

Peace Love and Chicken Grease!

Friday, April 19, 2013


 Hello everyone I'd like to introduce you to my fairy god daughters aunt..Kelly, she is a family attorney here in the state of Florida.  Now, I must say I have giggled at this woman before cause she isn't to bright...but then again most inbreed Jews from Aventura aren't, We have a history being that she has tried to screw my best friend over so many times regarding her child thinking she can put her law degree to use and its very sad because she can't seem to keep her brother out of jail long enough for him to take a shit in a Mikki D's rest room, lets just say he is a real winner!  Anyways! Back to this psycho crazy bitch, so she has the nerve to tell everyone elses business so I decided to put her ass on blast for once!  KELLY WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID ASS BIMBO!

Now this is why I call this dumb ass a bimbo, now only is she pregnant, she was having a bad day last week and this dumb ass decided to post on her Facebook page how she was driving with a cup filled with wine, now not only is she an active member of our great legal system but shes posting all her illegal activities on Facebook.  Not smart you horse looking dumb ass...Child endangerment, DUI, and I am sure they can add in a few other things. How can someone be proud of them selves acting like this you ask?  Well if I was worried my poor child was going to come out looking like you, Kelly I have one word for you abortion! Get rid of the child why would you think it was okay to act this way?  Now I am sure I myself have done some stupid things, but come on you are a lawyer who preaches the word of the law every 2 seconds to try to seem superior then everyone else...its pretty damn Pathetic if you ask me. I know you didn't but who give a fuck....

I think you need to be stopped from practicing law as well as stopped from hurting your children, forget you are pregnant, you have a young one at home...How about you worry about their lives and take care of the innocent and pray they do not turn out like you, I hope the father has better looks then you if not I will make a call to a good friend of mine "William Thacher" to Horse and Hound Magazine and set up an appointment for a family photo.  I am sure they would be interested in finding their missing link to evolution it landed on your lanai in Aventura on your over priced condo you live in or maybe it landed in your mothers crotch cause she looks like swamp thing...GOD WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

Tune in next week for more rants and raves from the queer him self in his weekly episodes of "As Our Stomach Turns, These Are The Gays Of Our Lives!"

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where Is My Diet Coke?

Okay so I have to ask myself why is it so many time I have seen this?  
Now just once in a while either I might add, I was at a LARGE chain food place you know with the Golden Arches...and there was this man who ordered a "Big M" this bastard ordered it as a Double "Big M" and a GIANT fry and a Large Diet Coke...Seriously you think the diet coke is going to stop the heart attack?  or maybe your diabetes? WTF? Now I am a firm believer you never know which sandwich it is that will cause your heart attack or which cola will cause you diabetic coma, but why a diet coke? For this I would hope if you are going out go out with a BANG!  I had a friend who used to do this, I asked her why she would say "I'm diabetic" I have others I know who do it who are on diets and then when asked why they do this its "I like the taste of diet better" lets be realistic here NONE OF US LIKE DIET SODA!  IT TASTES LIKE SHIT IN A CAN! 
People wake the fuck up if you are going to kill yourself do it with a smile on your face and a cold refreshing cold Coke in your hand! Not a diet drink that makes you think you are saving your life with the shitty stuff they put in any soda!  Better yet, next time order a bottle of water?

Dumb asses!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Where Oh Where Have All My Readers Gone?

  Hey wake the fuck up people...I used to have a bit of a following seems that after my long break no one reads or comments any more we will have to change that lol...I HAVE AN IDEA! wanna guess what it is?  I bet you can't!  So now that we have figured out how lets get to it you fools!  SHARE SHARE SHARE!  Let's get this party going, I want to go a politically incorrect page again like I used to...Shouldn't be to hard! I mean with all the stupid people out there to write about...LOL 

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Sometimes I must admit I miss blogging about my life and all the things that go one...However I have learned over the years its a better outlet to blog then to plaster my business all over facebook cause most people their complain about EVERYTHING...From the pictures I post to the things I say to almost EVERYTHING! No one is ever happy, but like I once said before long ago somewhere on this page, FUCK YOU if you do not like the way I handle myself!  LOL I find that most people over time just care about one thing and that is what makes their world go round, seem that when I am down or sad, no one really cares just bitch in my comment box about them selves well guess what I DON'T give a flying fuck about you either!  So, sad too I have learned there are very few I can count on in life for many things especially support so for those of my family and friends who do care about me thank you for the rest of you self centered closed minded fucks you can sit back and eat my corn hole!

Now on to bigger and better sense I am here!  LOL

I am happy to announce I AM making my big splash back with some great news!  I am no longer across the hall from the Old fuck from hell...THANK YOU JESUS!  That mess ended up so bad I actually felt bad for that old bastard, yes ODB y'all...His daughter was a serious drug addict and turned out to be really sick she dumped her kids his deviant grand kids on his door step and out he moved cause his ass got evicted!

My food styles have changed a whole lot cause I am unable to afford to buy the things I did income changes however that was for the better I am now diabetic so I am trying my best to do better and eat better although I have my moments.

Andre is good he suffered a heart attack a few years back this is another reason I stopped blogging but with my health changes he has taken some too and we are on the road to recovery together!

So, my recent drama, well it really isn't mine but you know me I can't stay quiet about some folks and their Post Adolescent Idealistic Phase BS so here we go...(Hold on to your knickers girls)

So I have this friend who will remain nameless but she has this son who we will call DOUCHE...well my friends son decided one day to put his hands on his mama Douche had the po po called on him and was arrested she being a good mother dropped the charges but then he goes and starts fucking WW3 hence why he is "DOUCHE" now all this drama going on my poor friend who will still remain nameless has been crying her eyes out when she reaches out to DOUCHES girlfriend who we will call BITCH! Well Bitch decided to go off on my dear friend cause she was curious how things were going with the planning of her son to be born grandchild and Bitch went off like a pimp who ho didn't "meat" quota for the night...Now I have seen some grimy convos before in my life but bitch please you better hope to hell we never have to cross paths cause I will not be so nice if you ever spoke to me the way you spoke to her...I will cuss your sorry ass out from A to Z and I;ll even make up a few new words while I am on my way!  so to DOUCHE and BITCH grow the fuck up and realize some people aren't like you and want whats best for everyone, you get mad when things are slung into your face with warp speed but your sorry asses can't take it when its dished out back at you low life asses...this is just the tip of the ice burg I promise however to give more details as the week progresses I am wiped out...2am and I am still going on and on...

Oh how I have missed you my blogging family...lets have a party in your mouths and see who cums!

Peace Love and Chicken Grease!

Until next time!