Friday, April 19, 2013


 Hello everyone I'd like to introduce you to my fairy god daughters aunt..Kelly, she is a family attorney here in the state of Florida.  Now, I must say I have giggled at this woman before cause she isn't to bright...but then again most inbreed Jews from Aventura aren't, We have a history being that she has tried to screw my best friend over so many times regarding her child thinking she can put her law degree to use and its very sad because she can't seem to keep her brother out of jail long enough for him to take a shit in a Mikki D's rest room, lets just say he is a real winner!  Anyways! Back to this psycho crazy bitch, so she has the nerve to tell everyone elses business so I decided to put her ass on blast for once!  KELLY WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID ASS BIMBO!

Now this is why I call this dumb ass a bimbo, now only is she pregnant, she was having a bad day last week and this dumb ass decided to post on her Facebook page how she was driving with a cup filled with wine, now not only is she an active member of our great legal system but shes posting all her illegal activities on Facebook.  Not smart you horse looking dumb ass...Child endangerment, DUI, and I am sure they can add in a few other things. How can someone be proud of them selves acting like this you ask?  Well if I was worried my poor child was going to come out looking like you, Kelly I have one word for you abortion! Get rid of the child why would you think it was okay to act this way?  Now I am sure I myself have done some stupid things, but come on you are a lawyer who preaches the word of the law every 2 seconds to try to seem superior then everyone else...its pretty damn Pathetic if you ask me. I know you didn't but who give a fuck....

I think you need to be stopped from practicing law as well as stopped from hurting your children, forget you are pregnant, you have a young one at home...How about you worry about their lives and take care of the innocent and pray they do not turn out like you, I hope the father has better looks then you if not I will make a call to a good friend of mine "William Thacher" to Horse and Hound Magazine and set up an appointment for a family photo.  I am sure they would be interested in finding their missing link to evolution it landed on your lanai in Aventura on your over priced condo you live in or maybe it landed in your mothers crotch cause she looks like swamp thing...GOD WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

Tune in next week for more rants and raves from the queer him self in his weekly episodes of "As Our Stomach Turns, These Are The Gays Of Our Lives!"


  1. Inbred Aventura is right. I just want to know how did you get the Kelly impersonators for an impromptu photo shoot.

    1. Like the blog says "Horse and Hound" Magazine, I called in a favor to the editor ask them to research their family tree goes back to the time of the Elves they are from Rohan, the Horse people...explains the dirty hair and smug look on her

  2. Swamp thing you make our heart sing...