Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where Is My Diet Coke?

Okay so I have to ask myself why is it so many time I have seen this?  
Now just once in a while either I might add, I was at a LARGE chain food place you know with the Golden Arches...and there was this man who ordered a "Big M" this bastard ordered it as a Double "Big M" and a GIANT fry and a Large Diet Coke...Seriously you think the diet coke is going to stop the heart attack?  or maybe your diabetes? WTF? Now I am a firm believer you never know which sandwich it is that will cause your heart attack or which cola will cause you diabetic coma, but why a diet coke? For this I would hope if you are going out go out with a BANG!  I had a friend who used to do this, I asked her why she would say "I'm diabetic" I have others I know who do it who are on diets and then when asked why they do this its "I like the taste of diet better" lets be realistic here NONE OF US LIKE DIET SODA!  IT TASTES LIKE SHIT IN A CAN! 
People wake the fuck up if you are going to kill yourself do it with a smile on your face and a cold refreshing cold Coke in your hand! Not a diet drink that makes you think you are saving your life with the shitty stuff they put in any soda!  Better yet, next time order a bottle of water?

Dumb asses!

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