Friday, October 11, 2013

Back On the Grind!

So those of you that know me over the last 5 years I have been disabled and I still am...but its scary cause the amount of money they give you to live on is almost nothing.  some of you know I used to make that in one day on a good day!  So, I have been trying to find a way to supplement my, about a year ago my partner signed up for a job he just couldn't handle and little did he know I am a old pro!  So, I took over the job the second they called him for the interview by phone...I had decided to go back into the glamorous world of Adult entertainment, that is where I usually ended up any ways so I figured why not go for it again...
So I did.

That is right I started doing phone sex again, I was impressed with myself I knew I had it in me, hell its how I started off in the business at a very young age and kind of kept me in the business till I got sick, how ever I did dabble in other side of the business from movies(no not in front of the camera) to other things be hind the scenes at a escort service.  

Now I realized my work life has come a full circle and I really enjoyed doing what I do.
Now do not judge me!
I know we all have a skill something we are truly good at and in this life I realized my skill and what I do best is bring joy to those who need it...and yes folks I mean that way!

So, when in doubt all you happy heterosexual men, yes that is right I am a guy who can talk like a girl and you will never all you happy heterosexual men when you pick up that phone and dial your favorite girl named "Tina" who is a Hooters girl in south FL, that is me!  LOL

Now off to the salt mine where I will be your fantasy girl for the 5 minutes, hour or day that we talk!

Until then Peace Love & Chicken Grease!

Oh and happy Calling!

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