Friday, October 11, 2013

Bass & Boobs!

Well not many of you out there know me on a personal level so I decided to give you more of an in site of what I do when I am not cooking or being a phone ho or well just a big ole fag...LOL

So, I have an amazing younger brother named Gabriel, he is the last member of my living immediate family, I love him very much and we always try to find a common ground so we can do things together or just to have things to talk about.

He is really into music, but then again so am I, however, our music tastes are very different we do agree on one thing we LOVE, and I mean LOVE, LOUD music...

He has this amazing system in his car which I will say I am jealous of, he likes his hip hop and rap but I am a total dubstep/House music kind of guy...

This is his system, if any of you know about Car Audio, DD (Digital Designs) then you know that is the best of the best and if not the closest thing to the best!

So he started this amazing group called "Bass & Boobs" on Facebook

Now the reason I am blogging about this is because I decided after he had started for a while to be an admin and help him grow his brand when I started he was just shy of 125 people now 2 months later hes almost to 1000 and I am sure it will keep growing, 

I find this to be amazing!

The power of social media has brought all these people with a common interest i am no stranger to social media and how it works but these people are great they are supportive and have really great taste in car audio...

If you are a bass head or someone who enjoys pretty girls or a nice car picture, stop by the page drop a message if you want to share a story or a picture of your own system.

Tell them admin ~EvIL~ sent ya!

Until then PEACE LOVE AND CHICKEN GREASE!  (Or Car Grease in this case!)

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