Thursday, February 17, 2011

After a long day...

 Well after my day today I thought tonights dinner should be something old world style something easy to make yet delicious on the pallet and yummy for the tummy...I am sure a lot of you make a typical meat sauce but this wasn't just any meat sauce I made it with love and the best part of all it was made to many of you can say that?  HA!

We started off with the best possible pasta Rotini...Store I know it sounds very strange and odd but I find the store bought dry pastas are more delicious then the ones you can get fresh or
 even the ones you can get name brand dry, I have to say they are made better or at least I think so...Now on to the red sauce, I know many of you make home made but not me my secret is to find a good cheap one and then doctor as Sandra Lee on Food Networks show is titled "Semi-Homemade."  I happen to enjoy the "Hunts" sauce you can get for like $1.25 a can.  The secret to any sauce is the stuff you put into them i start out with fresh herbs and onion and garlic cooked down sometimes I use peppers, then of course once they have softened add your meat no matter the kind some people use
ground beef others use pork or turkey even sausage...brown it no matter what it is...then add the can or jar of sauce, once you have done that make sure you turn the light down and cook for a while I always add a table spoon of sugar it cuts the acid in the tomato sauce down so it isn't BAM heart burn city!

Then make sure you pasta is cooked to your liking doesn't matter what kind you like...always save a little of the pasta water for u can add it later I say about a cup just in case...

Once the pasta is cooked and done drain the water out in a colander then put into a bowl or back into the pot , add the sauce and about 1/4 cup of pasta water helps the sauce stick to the pasta the starch in the water...great trick...then turn the heat back on for a few minutes turning pasta a few times to let the sauce soak into the pasta and let it all cook together delicious....and then...serve!  I promise you add a salad and some garlic bread your family will be in heaven I know mine was!

Well all my hungry fans out there in blog land I hope this helped you make a yummy dinner! I recommend a bottle of red wine and some great company and you have an amazing night with friends over a cheap yet delicious meal!!

Happy Cooking!

Tune in tomorrow when I think it is Shrimp night I think I might make shrimp jambalaya YUMMY get your taste buds ready...SEE YOU THEN!


  1. You have a heart about your food that melts anyone else from being scared of cooking on their own. Oh yeah and the food is awesome, the best pasta Ive ever had. And seconds were even better. :)

  2. do u have a receipe for gnochi