Friday, February 18, 2011

Shrimp and Potatoes?

 I have to say after tonights dinner I think I belong in the cooking hall of fame...I made shrimp this evening and wow is all i can say...As you see here pictured to the left is just one of the photos I will be posting this evening. Dinner tonight was so good it deserves more then one photo of each thing I made being that a picture is worth a thousand words well tonight they are worth a few million...I have to say I wasn't in the mood to cook tonight but that changed when I walked into the kitchen and saw the shrimp
As you can also see I make my delicious home made fries...sadly I didn't have any e.v.o.o. so I had to use vegetable oil and I had to barrow that from a neighbor lol TY MATT AND AMBER!  I need to go shopping on Monday when I have the chance and money...Well they still came out awesome cause I made them with love and the perfect seasoning as always lol I am also starting to figure out the trick of taking good photos with my digi cam...tell me what you think of the new photos and how I took them...I would appreciate it very much!

 The shrimp were very easy to make I put some butter in the pan let that brown a little then I threw in the shrimp, garlic green onions and cilantro, then I added salt pepper cumin sason and a little cayenne pepper for kick and 2 table spoons of ketchup believe it or not I added it because I was our of my diced tomatoes...but the sweetness and vinegar in the ketchup gave it a great sweetness to it and a wonderful tomato flavor which made it perfect...never knock it till you try it!!  IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!! I also added a few herbs, some Savory and some basil and some onion powder to give it a hint of solid onion...was GREAT!!!

now my fries are the same as always I never change this recipe cause I love them so much and hot they for a quick reminder I slice down potatoes put a table spoon of oil in a 9"x13" pan then I use salt pepper onion powder garlic powder cayenne pepper and a sason pack which is a variety of things in it you would have to call them and ask I am not 100% sure but its YUMMY on anything!  bake them till golden brown and then serve hot I like mine a little crispy so i put them under the broiler after tehy are cooked to get them really crispy but thats my trick don't tell anyone!  shhhhhhh...

Well that is my dinner for tonight I really hope you get a chance to try it or make it for yourself so you can understand why I say it is one for the books cause it really is!  I hope you all had a good dinner tonight as well, drop me a email or comment on here or facebook this way you can tell me what you made if you want me to make something you love drop me a recipe and I will plan it into my meals for the week!  Hope to hear from you all soon!  HUGS!

Peace Love and Chicken Grease!


  1. Loved it. Didn't get a chance to eat more cause I had a lot to eat earlier when I came home from work. But it was still good

  2. I'm so hungry now... Could really go for some of your awesome as sex Sausage and Pappers... I should have eaten more of it while I was up there visiting... Didn't want to make a pig of myself, but should have... I'm craving it now... YUMMY
    Roly(Sista Gurl...)