Saturday, February 26, 2011

WW3 wages on...HAHAHAHA

WOW, you tune in today for another episode of "As our stomach turns, these are the gays of our lives..." Look here yall his old dirty nasty ass lost his keys so now he is not only nasty and dirty but senile to boot, great we got crazies among us now...Well he didn't mess with me this morning but it makes me wonder should i fuck with him? I mean after all he did put that dirty nasty mean infested shit in front of my door to make me ill...LOL

So...what do you all think?  Bottle rockets in the hole or fire crakers?  hahahahaha I am so evil I would love to watch his mean and surly ass jump out of his bed and run like someone was shooting at him...hahahaha  So you as my avid readers tell me what do you think?  hmmmmmmmm

Why would it look like this unless someone took the lock off cause they lost their keys?  my complex charges $50 lost key replacement fee I wonder whats going to happen when the man comes down stairs cause remember I have an employee of the complex who lives above me...

So ladies and gets tune in tomorrow or later today to see what comes of this 1am raid on his front door...I think this old bastard needs to just pack his shit and move...I am so tired of smelling burned fish cause he can not cook and omfg whats with setting his apartment on fire every other night...I am scared HOLD ME!!!

Until then Peace Love and Chicken Grease!

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