Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Desperately Seeking A Gay Makeover....WTF is this?

OMFG Okay I woke up this evening to find out all kinds of information about this scary looking thing...this happens to be my best friends boyfriends sister who openly attacked her making her fell really small and bad about herself what the hell was she thinking?  I am guessing she didn't realize that my best friend had a loud mouth fag as a wing man...

Miss Thing, #1 wtf just cause ur a Jew doesn't mean you need to wear your crown all over the place I know your a J.A.P. but come on really?  and what with the pink boa when ur wearing something from the Sherell Ladd collection of the Wal-Mart sale rack? can we say we should have save daddy money for some Botox?  Really come one now you look like a sad reject from the old British show "ready steady go."

It was brought to my attention she got pulled over for not having a tag on her come on seriously who the fuck forgets to put the tag on their car...she had it just didn't put it on...

If I was a fashion editor I would have mistakingly though this was a photo from the after party from the release party from the movie "Narnia" being she looks like she Centaur. SCARY!  This Beast had the nerve to tell my friend she was nasty lol baby I guess you missed a few mirrors I thought that Wal-Mart kept one in the dressing room...OOPS MY MISTAKE!

So baby do us all a favor get a personal shopper or a gay man to help you cause you need some serious fixing up before you go after anyone...if you need my number Holler at me here in a comment I will give you some the tip of my middle finger!

Come on your Jewish and flaunt your religion I am guessing they use shortening in that pie and you got ice cream on it NOT KOSHER!  Dumb bitch!

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  1. this is why camera phones are a great thing for people like us and sucks for people like them.