Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The morning grind!

Well today I woke up and all I could think about this this website that has 8 letters to its name, what happened to waking up and thinking about coffee or walking the dog or even what is for breakfast, not anymore the social networks have become something I do not think even the designers thought it would be it is so funny.  I log into my account to worry more if my crops have withered on a game I play there more then going to the market to get crops to eat lol...

When does it change?  I said screw it I might as well go with it, I used to fight about joining this sight a good friend of mine talked me into joining, I was a member of a different site and now I am more addicted to this one they I was even to my ciggs I used to smoke...hell I quit those lol...

My advice to you all is well the same I gave myself...if you can not beat em JOIN EM!  LOL

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