Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a day...

My gawd, its only 11:15am and my day already has had its BLAH bitchy moment...Why is it I must be woken by the dirty old man across the hall...and I do not mean dirty in a good way this man is so filthy he has those small little roaches who actually speak to you...well to make a long ass over dramatic story short enough to keep you, my readers interested; he knocked on my door this morning to ask me if he could barrow a cup of bleach...I said "YES" thinking he was going to clean his nasty apartment, well was I sadly mistaken when he took it our side and threw it on a spill of oil his truck left in the parking lot...well I called down to the office of the complex I live in and the Manager came and I guess he left a notice to comply with the filth.  Well I guess to all of our surprise, he came flying out of his house and ran after the Manager and started yelling at him where am I going to go I can't clean this mess on my own, well the manager told him pretty much it wasn't his problem he was tired of paying the bug man to come to my house to keep his little visitors out...So, the Manager just ratted me out for telling the office about his mess and of course his 90 year old ass cam knocking on my front door asking me why did I not come to him, you all know me, I popped off like a bottle rocket....I cussed that old man out he started yelling at me, I ran into my apartment and i grabbed "Big Birtha" (my 6 inch blade) out my purse and chased him back into his apartment. Now, he will remember who he is dealing

Well, now that that is out of the way i pray the rest of my day is better tonight pork chops and something for dinner i am not sure yet...we will figure it out later...stay tuned...


  1. Oh I wish I could of been their!!!!! what a nasty dirty man and I so would of egged you on hehehehe. Do your thang hunny!!!! love ya and I miss you