Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why me? WHY ME?

Okay so I got woken up this morning to all kinds of love and goodies at 7am my hubby leaves for work which was awesome he woke me up saying bye and kissing me...well I decided to come online to just check my FarmVille and yes I am a FarmVille addict and I need rehab...but i said no no no...LOL

Well I get on Facebook and after a day yesterday of hair splitting drama that would make the Pope himself weep, it continued on with receiving message after message after message of someone playing the victim roll why me why me boo hoo someone please tell me why me...I am so FUCKING OVER IT!  I do not know how many time I have to tell someone I am done with your friendship and please remove me until they get it...well I checked they removed me but the messages keep coming, I mean I know there is a block feature but it is kind of like Howard Stearn you listen only to see what they will say next....LOL I know I am a drama queen and maybe I am asking for trouble but I am done so I sent this long email to them in hopes they find a way to get over it and stop messaging me...How many of you out there have actually told someone to leave you alone and then it turns out they just linger around like a fart in hopes you will still love them like a lost puppy...

WHY ME!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?

I used to get told the sun does not rise and set in the crack of my ass but it seem with this one it does how do I shake it?  I mean I would pray that they get the point but I need to know in case they do not how do I get rid of someone who just wont go away with out blocking them?  I really need to figure this out so if you my avid readers have any advice this morning over coffee lets talk about it I would really like to know!!  Well, as Sookie Sanchez said on the princess diaries "Hope your day is sunny side up!"

Hope you have a better morning then I have had!  See you all tonight, I am craving pork so we will see whats for dinner later tonight I am not in the mood to go raid my freezer at the moment...LOL

Until tonight remember, in the famous words of Ivana Trump "Don't get mad, get everything!"


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