Friday, February 25, 2011

Perfection on a Plate!

 Well I did not forget about you guys last night, but I have been having a rough few days with the loss of a dear I did cook last night I made chicken broccoli mushroom alfredo served over ricotta stuffed spinach tortellini was delicious I wish you guys would have all been here for dinner I made way to much and well lets just say i got plenty in the freezer for another few nights worth of dinner...

So lets get started on breaking it down for you all so you can make your own or so you can get to the store and be inspired to make something for yourselves!!!  HERE WE GO!

Well we started off with sheets of spinach pasta ( i bought a tortellini maker at tj maxx) my ricotta filling is simple just ricotta and some fresh garlic minced down...then you boil it till its tender for you the sheets of pasta I bought at the local grocery store...they looked like green wanton wrappers far as my sauce goes that was a little tricky, first in a frying pan i sauteed the onions mushrooms peppers broccoli garlic in some e.v.o.o. the i drained out the extra the same pan I put heavy cream and lots of Parmesan cheese adding some salt pepper and sugar to taste keep it on a low light so it didn't curdle...then in my grill pan i cooked a chicken breast rill perfect with a little salt and pepper nothing more then i shredded it with 2 forks added it to the vegie mix and then added all that to the sauce poured it over my pastas and THERE YOU GO!  perfect chicken broccoli mushroom alfredo with peppers onion and garlic...Was a meal fit for a king...or QUEEN!  LOL

Well I hope you are inspired to cook for your loved ones or for yourselves...Until nest time keep you kitchens clean and you hunger under control...

Peace Love and Chicken Grease!

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  1. I think you should do a "what's on my mind" segment....