Saturday, February 19, 2011


"COME AND GET IT!!!! DING DING DING!  DINNERS READY!" those are the famous words of my mother I remember her calling us for dinner many nights like that!

Tonight I didn't do much for dinner I had left overs pork chops beans and rice again but that is what happens when your broke or just cook to much lol...Left overs are a good thing give time for all the flavors to develop together to make you meal taste great...s

I did and I took more photos of course so lets get to it...

As you can see the pork looks delicious smothered in onions garlic like always however i love the crispy on it makes for yummy tails to tell your bloggers if anything gets a little crispy do not be scared epically pork, those ends that have the fat that crisp up "OH EM GEE" umm ya this is the best part EVER!  Slowly take it all in on your lips and pass it onto your tongue and then on your teeth as you taste the yumminess slide down your throat, no this is not a porn people just GREAT food!

I also made fresh yellow rice as you can see to go with the left over black beans yummy!  I swear I wish someone would have taught me how to make rice on the stove years ago I was making it int he microwave for a long is so fluffy and perfect and well better to taste for yourself...I suggest you make this soon if you need to know how check the past blogs I can not wait till Mondays dinner...Its a surprise so tune in and we will see what comes your way...

I hope you all had a wonderful day and I can not wait to see what tomorrow brings...See yall then HUGS!!


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  1. Carl.. Tell a story on your blog.. Idk something real or fantasy just something fun.. :-)