Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dinner last night...

I hope you all did not think I forgot about ya...last night was hectic around my house I was cooking and entertaining the neighbors so I didn't have a chance to blog but here we go...lol

I made these awesome burgers last night garlic and cilantro ground beef i pan fried them...grilled onions YUMMY!  You all know how I feel about my onions and garlic...the more the BETTER! Also you have to grill your buns...a little butter face down on a grill pad...As you can see I also made my famous home made fries baked in the oven...season as you want i like mine spicy and garlicy and salty!

We also had dessert but I didn't cook it so I did not take a photo of it, I know sad I love to make desserts too maybe today I will try something you never know!

Well yesterdays events were something else I will be back later today with whatever is going on in my life...HUGS to you all!!!  KISS KISS!

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  1. yum, looks very yummy. I love burgers but dammit no bacon? what's wrong with you???? I need my grease with a side of heart attack.