Sunday, February 20, 2011

Okay seriously....

So, how do we discuss this?  seriously for those of you who do not need to worry about your budget will never have to worry about this...I today realized that we were running out of toilet paper so we only had a few dollars so I asked Andre to get a 4 pack of angel soft which is like $2 at the local market but he came home with this...gloating about how he saved some money and I was like Dumb founded!  He spent $1.19 on I got a lot of booty to wipe so this is going to be tricky as hell...not to mention hard cause this stuff is thin like truck stop toilet paper thin...and i don't want to get poo on my fingers...LOL So, now every time I sit down until Monday to go poop I am going to be nick naming myself poo wad...LMFAO for fear I am going to get a wad of poo on my finger tips ewwwwwwww... seriously I love you baby but next time the 81 cents is well worth the non-poopy fingers...LOL not to mention my poor dog got cheap store brand food lol not that its bad just i hope he eats after his bacon escapade this week...So all in all an eventful night around here I hope you all have better luck in the pooper then I do lol Value Time...more like Time to invest in dial anti-bacterial soap....SAVE ME!  Seriously...anyone?  lol

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  1. Lmao... I was thinking the same thing about the hand soap at the end.... Lol :-)