Sunday, February 20, 2011

"I am ready for my close you Mr. DeMille."

So this morning I wake up to find more drama just knocking at my door...why does it have to happen to me and the people I know?  LOL So there was a knock at my door this morning it was the girl who works in my office named "Farryn."  She was so scared and worried cause she had lost a key to one of the showing apartments and wanted to know if she could show someone my apartment cause she couldnt get into the one next door...I was like "umm no" so she started screaming like a wild woman there was a car coming up the road and this drama queen go and stands in the street like she wants to get hit...Well it turns out the Manager of the complex told her is she messes up again she will be for the lack of better words "fired."  Well, poor Miss Farryn she needs to get her head right so I asked the manager if she could take 5 minutes and just take a breather cause they were all out side my building fighting and I am so sick of hearing people go back and forth all the time...well he said yes, so I told her to come sit down and relax and as she does she starts taking notes in her little book I asked her what she was (you know me I am nosy as hell) Well, it turns out she was writing a list of things she found wrong in my apartment and why she would never ask me to show my place again well the #1 reason on her list was my tv wasn't on a stand i have it on my coffee table...I was like wtf now I was getting offended...

.So I asked her to leave she giggled and said thanks for the sit down but I have been throw out of better if you know me in person my head tilted like a dog and my ears perked up like this picture here...And I told her ass to get the fuck out of my house and go back to sucking the bosses dick cause she seemed to be good at that...well thats the rumor

Well less then 10 minutes later I got the boss the manager knocking on my door asking me why I would imply such a thing he is married...I am like seriously?  I shut the door in his face...Well that was just what I wanted my day to start off as, so I could not let that know me so I went online found a sign as you see here posted to the left...and gave it to the other property manager who I wont name here and she posted it in their office doors for ma little note attached saying "Don't fuck with me I know your wife!"

So todays drama is over I hope lets pray no more comes of it...tune in next week for more"As our stomach turns these are the gays of our lives..."