Monday, February 14, 2011

Smokey the Bear vs Magilla Gorilla!

To my shock and dismay I got thrown into the mix of a fight last night on facebook...low and behold my best friend of almost 15 years and someone I know from online a few years now who i considered a friend....

I woke up this morning to read messages between the 2 of them that started out cause the one we will call Magilla said something to my friend who we will call Smokey, about me when I wasn't around in a pvt conversation, I confront Magilla and then Magilla decided to call Smokey a liar and that was all she wrote, I have never seen Smokey the Bear say some of the thing he said in my life...WOW is all I could say, Magilla I am sorry to say but this was a T.K.O. you got knocked the fuck out and didn't even know it!

Sadly I feel as if there was no reason for the fight other then owning what you say...a dear friend of mine who can no long talk used to tell me "What you do in the darkness comes to light!" Theresa I love you and you were never so right!

I am honestly glad to say my friendship with Smokey was untarnished by Magilla even though that is what it seems like the intention was, If you want to talk shit please have the set of balls that we know god gave ya, ya beastly bitch and come to me and say it...I have no reason to hide anything from you...god knows I already told you how I felt but maybe this will give you some more insight on it all...

To my friends who read my blog you know Magilla very well and I am sorry to say that I will no longer be apart of the over dramatic post adolescent idealistic phase BS any more!


Smokey you got my vote for Presidency!  SMOKEY FOR 2012!  Ms Palin, get ready to be knocked on you moose looking ass!  SMOKEYS IN TOWN!  huff on that!

Tune in tonight for more as our stomach turns these are the gays of our lives....

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